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Demons, Dragon Age ()


Game of Thrones House Sigils for the Internet

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jedi things. do not provoke me otherwise i will get huge feelings and puke them all over you. anyway, i don’t know what they’re actually trying to do in the first picture. whatever it is, come on, joker, put your back into it! …actually that’s probably a bad idea.

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weissidian drew my babies together and i jsurt JNADBJNADJBKANBDJ 
high resolution →

weissidian drew my babies together and i jsurt JNADBJNADJBKANBDJ 

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shoutout to those gamers that tried to be a bad person in an rpg but can’t because you’re too nice of a person


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Friendly reminder that these twitter accounts exist

Have a good day!

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I don’t always reblog 3D gifsets, but when I do, they are ABSOLUTE PERFECTION.

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What happens when you scream out of your window in Sweden at night

> Imagine walking there as a tourist not knowing wtf is going on lol.

> I was expecting like 30 Scandinavians running out of buildings coming to help you.

> Hope no one is ever mugged at around 10pm in Sweden.

> That was so much cooler than I expected.

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Derek’s guide to being romantic.